The Greenery in Kumamoto

Last time during my trip in Japan, me and my travel buddies (Vilda and Bentley) decided to look for some greenery in Kyushu.


Bentley and Vilda in the middle of no where

There we came up with an idea to visit Kumamoto and visit one of the greatly so-called “Power-spot” named Kamishikimi Kumano Imasu Jinja. Honestly speaking I am not a big fan of something spiritual place to gain wealth or such, but this place is different.

Just by coming into the place, we already feel amazed with the mesmerizing view and you can fell all the positive energy of the nature surrounding you from the place.


The entrance for the Kumano Imasu Jinja

The entrance look really common (Even we didn’t expect much after seeing the entrance of the shrine. But once we get in, this is what we saw


This is just the entrance and the road that leads to the top, along the way what we saw was also a great greenery scene with a lot of positive energy surrounding it

As I like to take some details photo, it also amazed me to see the moss on the statue, somehow like telling us on so many stories.

Still with the nature scenery,  we continued our travel to this place to see the great cedar wood located not far from the jinja (or shrine).



The great cedar wood

Great view, great accompany, that’s what I fell during the trip to Kumamoto.  The only thing left is the food! Gladly I can say that the food there was also great!


Food with great scenery, that’s all I can conclude from the trip to kumamoto as well.

When you have some time to visit Kumamoto (I do recommend as the nature is just crazy and a one in a lifetime view to see!), please do visit the shrine and feel the nature for yourselves.

By the way to reach the place, renting car is the best option.


Thank you for reading, see you in the next post



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