Fuji – Conquered

Hi y’all!


Back with your office worker!

So this week I checked one of my wish list this year, which is to climb mount fuji.
Below is to recap what I did on the long and rocky path.

  1. Paid the tour package to mount Fuji (around 20 K Yen)
  2. Prepare the stuffs to climb (Shoes, food, clothing, camera, sunglasses, gloves, etc)
  4. Conquered Fuji!

This is some of the photo I took on the way!

Start with the photo once I arrived at the level 5 climbing area


Start with the food, Curry rice!  (1100 Yen, but for me this is just too sweet)


In front of the souvenir shops


Fuji souvenir shop@


Everybody prepares themselves with a “warm” warm-up



This is my lil ‘squad’ for the climb!


We arrived at the 5th station around 12, then we leave around 2 (roughly)
From the 5th Station until the 6th station was not that hard, as it was mainly a road and a slight of forest along the way.


Welcome to the ‘Highway to Hell’ (at least that’s what I feel)


a slight of forest and cloud


Yoshida trail (easiest trail for beginner – well “Easy”)


Our guide Mr. Tetsu teach us about what is the yoshida trail


Then the journey begins (as I remember we reach our lodge around 9….)

First we start with the view from the 6th station going to 7th Station



This is the view right before we get into the 7th Station, awe-mazing

Then from the 7th Station, we found some lodges and inns. It took around 2 hours to go to the 7th station as I remember (from 2-3 to reach the 6th station, then 3-5 to reach the 7th station)

Below is what we saw on 7th Station


This is the lady who were selling the food !

In my opinion, the food price was a bit overpriced, but it’s better than you bring the food yourselves.

Then we get into the 8th Station pretty late, but this is what we saw on the way to 8th Station and as we reached the 8th Station.

We get to the 8th station (where we stay) at 9 pm, and we leave to go to the top from 1 in the morning (basically 3 hours only for sleeping). Then we climb to the top (which as I remember took another 2 hours). The wind was pretty awful, and it was dark (obviously) so bring your head light or flashlight


Finally we get to the top and manage to see the sunrise from the top. Unfortunately, the cloud was to high, which blocked the sun, but apart from all, since the weather was perfect, overall this was an enjoyable trip


This is the photo of the sunrise!


And one of my favorite shot


It feels like I am in heaven…

Overall, the trip was exhausting and scary, but I manage to see the beauty in it.

Well, see you guys in the other trip! have a good day in office, campus or anywhere 🙂

William Kusjanto


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