Japan (Part 1)

Back with me William here from Kawasaki, Japan!

You never imagine how time flies in my life.
Just as I remember I was sleeping, eating yakitori, playing my phone or writing a note(sometime) during my University life a year ago, and now I am a worker!

Well some people still is sleeping during meeting, eating while working or playing phone when they have no work, I really try my best not to do it now! (though with the phone is really hard ;p)

After living in Tokyo for almost a year, I will cover 2 points this time,  first is the place that I visit a lot (I guess) which is shibuya crossing and one of my favourite japanese culture which is the karaoke culture (just randomly pick the topic)

  1. Shibuya crossing 

    Hachiko(the dog statue)
    The story is amazing. As the Hachiko keeps on waiting for its owner, although the owner had passed away. But now Hachiko is a famous meeting point for every person on earth that wants to go to Shibuya.

    Just a random knowledge I know, if you want to go to hachiko, exit from exit number 8! (8 in Japan is called Hachi, and once you get out from exit hachi, you can find hachiko. Coincidence? Well I don’t know about it)

    The huge screen that makes you feel like in Times Square?

    The screen is amazing and looks like the one in times square, but please dont expect too much.

    One story I had during new year eve this year. I spent my time before New Year in Shibuya and hoping something amazing like for new year. The only thing I got was just a random countdown and thats all. No firework, no music, just the crowd.

    It is nice, but just don’t expect something like Times Square can do.

    The crowd

    This is the only thing I always questioned myself. Why do you come all the way to Japan just to see the crowd in Shibuya square and try to take photo in the crowd?
    It is nice, but too much work.

  2. Karaoke

    One of the culture that I really love from Japan, which is the karaoke!
    Oh man, you should know about how big is Karaoke industry in Japan. IMG_8973
    During my university life, most of Karaoke time will be from 12 midnight until morning. But once you become worker, since you wont have the time to do it from midnight, you can only do after dinner and max I am guessing 2 hours.

    The trick for this industry is :
    1. During the day they have the free time set.
    2. Each person MUST buy one drink (cheapest around 400 yen)
    3. If you dont want the free time set, they will increase the cost per 1 hour or 30 min.
    4. They have this random costume for you to wear (which I think they dont really clean it (just my opinion))
    5. You have for the room and for you (room + individual fee)

    One story that I had for karaoke is that I went with 5 other friends after dinner and we spent almost 25 thousands yen just for 2 hours(with one drink perperson). Then yesterday we went there for 6 hour and for 6 people we only need to pay around 15 thousands yen (that include food and drinks)

    What do I like from Karaoke in Japan:
    1. I can be loud(as you know Japanese people is too polite, it is hard for me to hear what they say sometimes)
    2. Knowing what your friends taste in music and I can listen to music that I know

    and lastly….

    3. You can see some of your senior on your company doing stupid, nonsense stuff, just to amuse the boss (this is the best actually)


Why do I suddenly pick this 2 random topic?

First is that for a first-timer as a worker in Japan, I do visit Shibuya a lot since they have everything in Shibuya (cinema, shopping place, drinking place and some eating place). Then second is easy to meet up with your friend, especially if you live on a separate place, since shibuya is pretty much the middle if some of you live in saitama, chiba or yokohama. Then last is because it sounds so Tokyo (lol)

Then why karaoke?  First is because I don’t want to start with the crazy drinking culture here. Second because I like Karaoke. Third because I think that most people (especially east-asian people) still consider going to karaoke as going to a place for playing with girl, drinking, or something that might be related as ‘negative’ influence and I just want those people to see karaoke from other perspective.

Well, that’s all for today’s content!

It’s pretty much random post, but I hope you like it and see you on the next blog!





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