Improving Skill as we working

Hi all!!

Since last post was pretty depressing, I will try to make this time to be not-so-dark-and-depressing post.

As the conclusion that I had for the working colleague on the last post, decided to talk with some younger colleague and apparently they have been keeping the same feeling as me for almost 2 years. Then I also decided 2 things, which is waiting the organization change (by this monday!) or to ask the manager for support. But then let’s hope for the organizational change.


Okay, back to the topic today!

Improving skill as we work

Some of you might actually heard the word “Freelance”, the word that most millennial love to hear. But honestly, what is freelance?

Well, I typed in Google, and this is what I got

Self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.

Other meaning is that

a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.


I would not say that it should be “work” but I will use other word to explain freelance in my own word. I prefer freelancing as a chance to create new skills or deepened your skills or passion in you.

I myself has been working as an employee for almost 1 year, some of the events, accidents or anything that happened on it teach me about being adult is. Responsibility, performance, result, planning, and thinking about the future. But actually life doesnt end there. As some of you might also realized that the pace of learning in the office really depends on you and on your office environment, demanding office will push you more, as the other might be not as demanding as the other. In that case, what should you do?

FREELANCE! do other stuffs. For example for me, working in daily life, might be blogger or youtuber on the night, might also be guide or photographer on the weekend, or web developer on the other day. Life is full of chances. It just depends on how we want to sacrifice our time and our energy.

For me the first rule of Freelance is:

  • Dont expect something  in return (e.g : money, fame)
  • Consider any loss as investment

I have been doing freelance, ever since I started university, and had sacrificed most of my time to polish my skill, during the multi-cultural weeks, for the resident support too, also some teacher support, well I wasn’t expecting anything at that time, just the payment actually.

But reflecting back on to that, I am starting to realize that NOW every efforts I did is coming back to me and in a pace that I can not control too. In a pace that force me to improve even faster than before.

One of the example will be the photo brand that was born from all the free-photo-taking-during-multiculturalweek-or-other. Yep, some of you might know about it, it is WK Photography which the logo was created by a best pal of mine mr Wangphing


Since I like to keep it simple, WK is my name William Kusjanto

The concept of the design is simple and bringing the sense of “Japan”,  with the concept of 枯山水 or the Japanese rock garden. As for the WK is my name (William Kusjanto).

As for blog, you are now reading my blog, and also I have another web apart form this blog which is my professional portfolio page . Then youtube ( I am still trying hard, but honestly it need more effort and confidence just to create one video)

Next skill to learn will be diving, cooking and public communication!


Working might be a pain in the ass, but for young people like us, who is really selfish, arrogant and self-centered (sometimes), might be a good place to learn and to fix our path for the future. If not for the work, I bet I will be taking this much effort to further skill or to learn new skills. Is like we get the resource (money) to stay alive, while thinking about our future and for our own improvement.

If I am thinking like this, working doesn’t really sounds that bad. Well it sucks, but I realized that it has other than just the pain in the ass!


Let’s strive for the best, work our ass off and run to reach the top soon!


See you on the next post!



Felice (102 of 165).jpg

Smile for smiling is free and makes other people happy 🙂



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