What it feel to..

I think this post will sounds a bit sad and depressing, since I will write about my workplace here. (It might be good to let you prepare if you want to work here)


Just like the train need to stop in several stations, I also need to stop for a while


This train conductor has to stop and make sure everybody is inside the train

If I stop for a moment and look at my life after 8 months of being Salaryman in Japan, here is the thing I can say.

Working makes me hate myself even more.

I use to think that working will not be as bad as it is if I think it positively, but it is not.

Number 1. There will be this over-ambitious type of person who wants to beat you in almost every aspects.

So one time I was talking about this 16 personalities test, in which the result will tell you about your personalities and the percentage of people with the same personality traits with you. It’s either I am lucky or I am just weird, but my trait is pretty unique and only 7% from the test taker has the same trait as me.

At first this colleague of mine has no idea and no interest in this kinda of personalities test and even think of it as a bluff. but the next day this person came to me and said, “Hey apparently my personality is more unique than yours and only 1% of the test population has the same trait as me”. Should I take this as a coincidence?

Well this is just one of a stories that I experienced facing this kind of moments in the office

Number 2. There will be time when you have to argue about something that has been solved in the previous discussion

Just to make it easy to understand, for example we had 3 meetings, which is meeting 1 2 and 3. Meeting 3 will be the recent meeting, and meeting 1 will be the oldest meeting. So on Meeting 1, we decided that a part of the survey process will be changed, and person A is the one who insisted on changing the process, and agreed on the meeting. Then too make it simple, on meeting 2 person A asked the reason on why did we change the system and insisted on changing it to the default system, and everyone agreed(as usual). Thus the worst part is from now, in Meeting 3, person A came with the same idea from meeting 1 and insisted to re-change the process. Which made me super-duper irritated.

But do you wanna know this member’s respond? “If you get angry in the end you will lose from me.” “Before you get angry, think carefully!”.  It was early morning and bam , goodbye beautiful morning for me. (If you are suggesting for a minute, I dont really think it will be wise, since this kind of member will said that the minute is wrong.)

Number 3. How many year you work is the only things that matter.

No matter how hard I tried, I will always got the reaction “Are you sure you can do it?” or “If she/he is the one who do it, it should be perfect”. If the case is something big, such as deciding on implementing a new system for the whole company, or a project which need special IT skills or knowledge, I wont care about that reaction.But the case I have was;

There was this call from foreign company about the attendance of the head executive in my department, and his assistant come to me for some support, since the call was in english. Then this “senior” in my department come to me and react “Are you sure you can do it?” “I think if that person do it, should be perfect (working 2 years longer than me)”. By the time this senior said that my reaction inside was like “KILL ME NOW.”

Same with other stories, if there is a job a facilitate a meeting, and this guy who has been working for almost 15 year will do it, the manager will just reply “Oh, if you’re the one who do it, then it should be perfect” Well to sum up, this guy sleeps on the meeting and every time we ask him to do some talk in english, he will just reply “Oh I can not speak english, so you should do it”. Every time I hear this I am like “OH MY GOD YOU USELESS”


There are still many stories that I want to cover but I will just keep it for the next post. In the end, working makes me feel that I am useless, I have no skills and I can not even speak proper english or Japanese at all (For the first time I am sweating like sauna only for an introduction presentation because I am afraid that my Japanese is not good enough). God I hate it so much.


I wish I have a photo with the pose like this :p


On the other hand, if I look from the bright side, it makes me re-consider my goal and my motivation to work in Japan. Which gives me some new enlightenment to plan further ahead using a totally different path and prepare beforehand for the future. (For example like looking other source for money, other possibilities for careers, expanding more my network,  or to try other thing outside the company life).

Well, this case might only happened to me with my department, but it may not happen if you have different department than mine, so just don’t make conclusion yet! Just for reference on what you need to prepare beforehand: “STRONG WILL AND MENTAL”


I realized that I like living in Japan, but I don’t like the work environment here. 

If you have any comments on what to ask specifically with the working environment, just comment!


Have a good day!




2 thoughts on “What it feel to..

  1. I also think earning by other means than working at this company or this kind of work. The environment is very good in terms of additional wages or dormitory, but I don’t hope the future which is the same as my seniors.

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