2017 Trip to 三十槌の氷柱 (Misotsuchi no Tsurara)

First of all Happy Valentine to everyone out there! Valentine is really special to me, not that because I have someone to share, but it always remind me of my grandpa, who should have celebrated his birthday 13th of February! (As for those who didn’t know, my grandpa is one of my hero and my idol, I posted his photo on this post)

First trip in 2017 and I spent it with Tokyonesia from my batch (it’s basically Tokyo and Indonesia, combined together, saying that Indonesian people who kinda work in Tokyo)

I went to a long-trip to Chichibu, Saitama which took around 2 hour trip by car from Tokyo.

Rather than the trip was long, the traffic was pretty annoying.

As those who know that I have been spending almost one year in Tokyo as an employee, and honestly speaking, I don’t really enjoy the work because I can not really learn a lot. Thus going with Tokyonesia is one of the solution for me to keep normal (lol)

Okay! moving on to the photos.

The first stop is this place called 尾ノ内百景氷柱, located in  chichibu.

Here is some of the photo there. Enjoy!


Forest on the way up

After we passed the forest, we see something crazy, after seeing something green, we stumbled into this crazy blue ice !


The Entrance Ticket


The weather was pretty cold, look at this frozen tree!


This ice stalactite


Millenial must take photo


The driver

As we finished our small trip to this amazing place, we move to the main event, which is the light up event in Misotsuchi no Tsurara. Which take around 40 minutes by car from this place, but 2 hour of congestion —


Well, this is what you will get after the long 2 hour waiting


It seems like we’re inside a cave huh?


The Tokyonesia Team


Look at this mesmerizing view

The view honestly was amazing, although it doesnt worth the wait. Honestly japanese and lining up.


But we came on the last day for the light up, so that part was pretty lucky for us.

Then after the long day, we return back to Tokyo safe and sound and get ready for a long slumber on the sunday!


Thanks for visiting and have a good day!


Just some random play with the light


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