Happy New Year 2017

Last post was about travel and now jump to new year!

Sweden (27 of 34)

Recap about 2016!

  1. Started my first ever Job in one of the biggest IT company in Japan
  2. Made my mind to leave Japan as soon as I reached my money goal
  3. Lost someone special to me, but I just realized how special he is after he left me
  4. Made a new step to further polish my hobby
  5. Met new people, create new families and friends! (honestly! I made a lot of families in the past 1 year!)
  6. Made a lot of investment on camera
  7. Learnt how to look a bit better than university look ;P (Still trying though)
  8. Failed my 2016 resolution, which I might bring again this year to get slimmer (hardly impossible I guess)
  9. Travel across Europe, New Zealand, America and Asia on 1 year~ (dont really remember on how many countries)
  10. Decided to stay strong and stay “me” despite how other people (in the company) might hate me

Well that’s a bit of the recap in 2016! I do wish 2017 be a better year and let’s face 2017 with positiveness and full of energy!






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