Europe trip! (Part 1?)

Well, well, well, almost 2 months after my last post i guess (well I am lazy)


I’ve been spending time for work, work work work work, for what?


Here is some list up of my trip to europe! I guess this will be the first part ( I need some time in retouching the photo :p)


My first destination was Paris “The city of light”. Here is some photo I took on my Paris Trip


Well some narcissistic side of me :p


Eiffel Tower….. Come during the golden hour and night! it’s much much much better~!


Here’s the night view of eiffel tower with ooops, My food :p (those who travelled with me, knows I wont stop eating and sleeping, sometimes I eat and sleep more than taking photo)


The louvre. Well, once you get to the place, the only comment you have is only “Too many people, how can I take photo here?!”

Well, at least I manage to took those 2 famous monuments in Paris, too many people looking for “Paris kinda photo” or #Pariseiffeltower #paristhelouvre , yeah our generation and hashtags..

Then , once you get into the louvre, here’s something that you’ll see;


Why’re you looking at my *******

-_-” okay, I mean is the art and the marvellous museum 😛

Then as I visit other place, I realized that I’ve fallen in love with the Notre-dame


here’s what inside the notre-dame, but the best part of walking to notre dame was:


The Bread shop! OMG! I ate macaroon and in my opinion it was the best! the croissant also “awe-mazing!”

Then my trip goes on to pantheon (is actually a graveyard) , but let’s see how’s the graveyard:


Rather to a graveyard, it feels like a palace –” (Splendid place!)

In the end I didnt really go to lots of places, but I enjoyed the vibe, the monuments, the bread, the fastfood and the chill. BUT, since I live for almost 5 year in Japan, I dont like the trash, the homeless people and the random people that give me a sudden speech on the train, then asked me to pay them for listening their speech (great duh?)

That’s all for some of my update on my paris trip and really some of the photos 😛  (I’m planning to make a book out of it :p)

Thanks for visiting and see you for 2nd part~IMG_0573

Forgot to mention the arc de triumphe


and this random gate across of the louvre


and last of all, my happy jumping pose 😀


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