What do I feel during this 2 months of working period

It feel so good to be back to blogging!


Well, 2 months passed since I decided to “sacrifice my freedom and step into employee life”


To be honest, working in Japan is challenging!


I don’t think I need to explain for this one. Well, although I used to study in Japan for 4 years, doesn’t mean I understand perfectly. The fact is  I tried to speak in other language which is totally different from English and Bahasa, which is why sometimes I need more time to understand


2. High uncertain avoidance level (well hofstede state it)

Japan is famous because of their intolerantness towards changes and risk, but they accept foreigner, which can be considered as a  change towards the working society and might be a new risk?.  What I realised is that during group discussion, although they are not in the same group, most of the group came with the same idea and sometimes whenever I think of a new idea, they don’t accept it really well and just go with their idea.


3. The company is ready to go Global, but the member is not

Being global doesn’t always means that you have to speak in a perfect english, but you need the flexibility and courage to survive in the new environment.  One of the the things that we can be more flexible is to learn new perspective, talk with a lot of people and experience new things. But then the fact is that when I tried to speak in english (due to my lack of skill to express my opinion in Japanese), the response I get is “英語の発音いいね” (Eigo no Hatsuon Iine , which means your english pronunciation is good) and it ends with “I cant speak english”. Well say good-bye to being global.


In the end although it has been a tough 2 months for me, I still believe that in order to reach my goal or my dream, I have to be strong and I see working here as one of the challenge that I need to face. For me Japan is a great country, they are developed but they don’t abandon their culture and the value. It will be a long journey for Japan to be global, same with me to reach my goal, so I should just be positive and face everyday with smile 🙂


That’s some short update from me 😀 and I hope you like what I wrote and I really hope you help me to improve my contents by simply telling me your opinion (experience in terms of facing challenge in new environments)


P.S : Happy Ramadan for those who celebrate Ramadan! 😀


Best regards and Cheers!



One thought on “What do I feel during this 2 months of working period

  1. Hahaha, great blog Will!! These are exactly what I feel last 2 months! Especially Point 2( High uncertain avoidance level), I can’t help laughing out when I read it cuz I just said the same thing to my Europen friends few days ago!
    So glad to have you and let’s challenge for our different goals!
    See ya tomorrow!

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