One of the most famous name of Indonesia :JAKARTA

I have been asking myself, why people loves Jakarta that much…


Traffic, many people, expensive…. hmmm.. it actually remind me of …. TOKYO (dang!)

Come to think about it I will work in Tokyo, which is actually crowded and expensive like Jakarta (at least I get to experience working to earn my own money :D)


Here is a few shot about Jakarta and about the famous Monas and kota tuaΒ there! ( Its kinda like familiar, the kota tua for me, since I used to like this crazily amazing videoΒ , made by the lady gaga(sorta) Β from Indonesia)












One of the thing great about Indonesian people is how they struggle for living, even though near the monas, there were soooo many clothes seller, they wont give up at winning customer. See the last image which written OBRAL KAOS (Cloth for Sale) 15000 (around 150 yen), then below, 7 KAOS (7 pcs of clothes) for 100000 (1000 yen), great spirit dude!


Then near the monas, this is the most famous pose that we saw



Well, since we don’t have the pisa tower, photo in Monas is enough πŸ˜€


Then we travelled to the kota tua Jakarta



Still crowded with people, but there I found some interesting things:



Look at how he calmly “sit” and how he fashioned πŸ˜›




We even have our own Aladdin πŸ˜€




Wanna fight with me? the peacock Warrior (just randomly naming it)




Wanna see the how pretty the gown in Brazil’s parade? well, you can see it in Kota tua Jakarta πŸ˜€



Look, how adorable this Doraemon in Kota Tua (actually is kinda creepy with the eyes not in the same line :p)




We could even take photo with the famous ondel ondel




Wanna date? well we also have this beautiful cafe in Kota Tua Jakarta (Cafe Batavia)


Actually is pretty interesting to see Jakarta from the tourist perspective :p and I really want to see the other cities in Indonesia but, we’ll see about it in the future πŸ˜€


Anyway! wait for my other post and Thanks for reading! Hope you like the photos!


4 thoughts on “Jakarta

  1. Hahahahaa.. I never do that famous pose.. They’re pose like touched the up of monas. #IndonesianPeople πŸ™‚
    About doraemon eyes, i just … LOL xD

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