Looking at the past 4 months

Happy new year for everyone (kinda late)

It has been 4 months since I left Japan and “enjoying” my holiday in Indonesia.

It has been 4 months also I have to answer the same question :

  1. What’s your plan next?
  2. What is you job in Japan?
  3. Your Japanese must be good right?
  4. Where’s your girlfriend?
  5. Are you looking for Japanese girl?
  6. Japanese girls are really pretty right?
  7. When are you planning to marry someone?


Well, facing this question almost everyday is basically insane and exhausting.

YES, I will continue my journey in Japan as an employee. But the position is not yet announced

Every time I answered that, the next question will be

Are you sure you got the job already? Why you haven’t know your job position?


For some of you who have no clue about company in Japan is that although we get the job offer (through the common undergraduate recruitment system) , the company will decide the position (although in the end most of us will become an employee 営業 in the end) and they will tell us on april (pretty weird huh?). I have been asking the same question to myself too, what position will I received. I want to know the answer soon, but there are things in this world where we have to wait right? So I’ll just wait!


As for the next question I always have is about girlfriend (God knows why I really hate this question)

NO, I don’t have one (yet)! (I’m basically single and currently enjoying every moment that I have)

We all have our own principle about relationship, as for me although I do questioned about my single status every time, but I planned to look for girlfriend once I could stand on my own. But is really hard to say this principle to my family here. I talked to them that I planned to have a serious relationship around 30 y.o , but for them they keep saying its too old and at least you should start looking for girlfriend now.

Those who actually know me well, understand that I do think a lot and for simple things like relationship is my priority 2 after setting up my own feet. I get worry with simple things and I get panicked really easy. Therefore I like things to be simple. I plan, if it fail, then change the plan, and keep on walking straight. I have my own goal and that drives me to walk straight. But sometimes I do feel afraid and worry about my own future. I keep on thinking, planning, but most of time my family doesn’t really support that idea, which in the end makes me “hide” my own personality and be the one they want. Somehow it started to feel as although I am here, my soul is not here. I don’t feel comfortable in my own space here. I wanted to get out and just be free to choose.


I truly apologised for the not-so-encouraging post, but what I wanted to tell to everyone is while you are in the university, plan carefully. Long holiday looks fun, but it is not as fun as you think. Do everything that you can to improve your own confidence and create a firm and solid principle, so that you wont get confused with every question that will be rained upon you.



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