New Zealand Portofolio

Kia Ora Everyone!


welcome back to my small and (motsly) not updated blog 😛 (thanks for keep following and reading my blog)


well, in the beginning of this month I went to new zealand with my dearest friend in university Felix!

We spent almost 2 weeks in New Zealand and travelling almost all of the tour-destination cities (it included, auckland, hamilton, wellington, christchurch and queenstown)


One word to describe New Zealand :



how great is the nature there, the blue color of the lake and the ocean.. (you’ll see it almost everywhere in new zealand), then the evergreen color of the grassland, the forest and sometimes the mountain.

Then after the trip i decided to make some small portfolio book ! (printed out and took me almost 1 week) but here I’ll also post some of the digital version of the portfolio book that I printed.



well, it’s just the cover of my portfolio, it shown the blur version of the silver fern 😀

Page 1



Auckland look 😀



Those who love lord Of the Ring??


Weta Cave





And those who love narnia?

Narnia Scene

As for me, I love flora and Fauna better so..



Flower 1


Well, we did almost all the things we could do there, except bungee jumping ( we had our sky dive experience already)

It’s actually pretty nice portofolio right? hahaha


Anyway, there are several things that I learnt from this trip :

  1. Sometimes culture has to be flexible to be accepted in this era
  2. We survive by taking resources from mother nature, so dont just take and destroy mother nature, respect our nature and be grateful for it
  3. PRESERVE THE NATURE (Honestly I still want to see that blue lake and green scenery in my retirement :p)

Here is my photo for the end of the post today 😛


Thank you very much for visiting my blog adn hope to see you soon in the next post 😀


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