Being in indonesia

hello everyone!!!

I guess this is my first post this month ? ( too lazy due to the internet connection here and also due some factors)

SOOOO, as all of u know, I graduated from Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University and I got my Bachelor of Business Administration focusing in marketing.. hahah ( I dont really care about the degree though)

Me in the "best" room in apu

At first I am soooo happy that finally all my hardwork in APU is paid-off hahah I graduated smoothly and have no problem during university life.

Then I am also so excited about going back to Indonesia and having my loooong holiday..

But the problem is that…

I feel that I am starting to be the lazy William like I used to be before… due to the comfort zone I have here. I love my family, I care for them, but they’re spoiling me too much.. (I used to be one of the spoiled brat also :p)

I like being in my comfort zone.. I like being lazy, but not now.

Not while I am young, I want to be independent. I want to start my own small business, but I dont have the courage. Want to do travel but my family wont allow it easily.

Sometimes I really want to go back to Japan or specifically saying getting back to the university life that I used to like (though i complaint a lot. I feel that it was so nice to be free, being independent, we get to do what we want, we get to plan as much as we want, we get to meet as many people as we want AND more IMPORTANTLY, WE GET TO EXPERIENCE FAILURE.

Nobody likes failing, but I think everybody agrees that failing is one step of improvements. Come to think about it, I used to fail A LOT OF TIMES during my university life. But that’s what life is ! isn’t it? Life without problem and challenges will be a dull life same with the world of the death… (what I think though)

That’s why I really wanna scream this out loud:


We came together, we graduated together. We feel all the pain together, that's what makes us close.

We came together, we graduated together. We feel all the pain together, that’s what makes us close.

Missing this crazy peeps

Missing this crazy peeps

So basically, I just wanna share what I feel during this long holiday…

Even sometimes I remember what my high-school teacher used to say about formal study (school, university or else) hidden reason, which is an escape from adulthood, in other word postponing our duty and responsible to be an adult

Which everything come into one conclusion: Enjoy your time to the fullest during your university life.

lastly I really hope I can say this with confidence (but I cant since I am not doing it either :p)


Well, that’s all from me thanks for reading 🙂

Do everything you like while you have the chance! hone your skill while you're doing it!

Do everything you like while you have the chance! hone your skill while you’re doing it!


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