Small random update for saying “I’m alive here :P”

Hei everyone!


It’s me william again!

So, the thing is once I realized that my university is almost done, I feel kinda empty…

My hectic lifestyle has changed into a pretty free time..


I tried to do some stuffs, but in the end, laziness came and just… (yeah you know)


If this kind of thing ever happened to you, one thing to suggest is to, START MOVE and GET A LIFE!

although the starter will always be hard..

I tried to start with helping the Indonesian Week 2015, although I wont be there to watch and support all my junior there (honestly, I am dissappointed with myself too)

but here is some of the documentation of the event






Discover Indonesia, Share the happiness was the theme for this year’s indonesian week πŸ™‚

Pretty satisfied with the events that I managed to join, (only parade and the malam kenangan though)

but yeah, the most important is the part when you get to meet your friends before you get back to Indonesia 😦 😦





But then after that 2 events, I went for a family trip in Singapore (trust me, I wont recommend singapore for shopping cheap stuffs anymore)

The singapore dollar was so high, that affect the price of almost everything went crazy…

I like the place and how clean they are, but now? I think they should do something about the people (worker, tourist, local people)

It was too crowded 😦





you might say that its not good to say that to singapore, well you may jusge it yourself πŸ™‚


I do suggest you to go to singapore for shopping and sightseeing,

but, I think that the government need to do something with the crowd now hahahha πŸ˜€


Anyway! that’s a wrap for my random update,

on my next post, I will say about how I feel during my coming back to my hometown now, how I feel “not home”Β in my own home, I feel more like a nostalgia to know more about me… (yeah I guess my next post will be more organized than this time)


So sorry for the random update, and also for the photo if it’s not that good, but yeah practices make perfect πŸ˜€


have a great day everyone!



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