Last Year as University Student?

OMG!!! Can’t believe it is my LAST YEAR as a student (the only period we can enjoy doing nothing)

and then we’ll have to step to adulthood (which in some cases, you can extend as a “graduate” student for more fun)


Anyway! I was in Tokyo for the past 5 days, spending time for “Training” hahahah as I do the training I managed to took some shots and I’ll just post it here!


First I was staying in my senpai’s home (although he’s not there for some trips –) and here is the first random shot


On the way to his apartment I found this weird-looking bike and decided to took the shot of it :p

P3090650As I was hungry, decided to eat in Katsuya (like a katsu fast food restaurant) it’s below 1000 Yen, and still sooooo goooddd


P3090657Then I went to back to the Eki (means station) for another random shots :p

P3090673And this is the random figurine shot I took back in the apartment

Then the next day (the day of training day) decided to go to odaiba before the training with this random friends of mine :p


And here we are in Odaiba :

P3090692Statue of Liberty?

P3090685In front of the Fuji TV (SOOO MANY SCHOOL TRIPS)

P3090712And inside the Fuji TV station, I found this Ansatsu Kyousitu (The class of Killing) movie and some stuffs!!Can’t wait for the movieee!!

Then I continue with Training (pretty long day that day)

Then this is the shot on the next day as I stroll around tokyo with another random friend of mine–

P3090803Yeap we went to harajuku

P3090813And Akihabara (he’s a bit otaku by the way-_-)

and we found this random figure con or what do they call the name —




P3090837Not Bad huh for some random figure photo :p

Then we end it with some random visit to a maid cafe (for me its pretty amazing how otaku can be success from their creativity

P3090841This was made by my maid-chan(honestly, too much Japanese kawainess in there, it’s a great experience though :p)

P3090860And once we’re out its late night already —

Then next day I left Tokyo (happy and sad feeling)

and this is what I took in Haneda Airport (this is sooo random even for me)

P3090883Nice ABCD from above :p

P3090889Japanese culture of using the stair? (right for walking, left for lazy :p)

But among all the photo I really like this one:


I feel that although I have to step to adulthood, I just want to stay like this, stay happy and do anything I want (I look like a gorilla here, but I like the way I look like gorilla with white collar :p)

Thanks for reading !



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