Long update!

Hey everyone!

Back with me William!

It’s been ttooooooo long since I update my blog here!

If you’re asking what I did until now here is the recap!

IMG_4527 IMG_4780 IMG_4770

First during my new year and my christmas I went to US! hahah

Finally one of my small dream achieved!

There I visited lots of places, Grand canyon, USJ, the disneyland, Las Vegas and many shopping places that I can’t even remember the name hahahah 😀


This is my beloved Family when we visit Disneyland (one suggestion: if you have more female than male in your family, just bring them to the shopping centre :p, my grandma rode one of the attraction and she closed her eyes the whole ride)

Yeah, as you can see, this trip closed my 2014 beautifully and really exhausting (Really, can you try to go with almost 8 people with only 3 people can speak english –, and they keep ask weird question about discount and sale, seriously?!)But that’s mom and grandma to you! you’ll miss them a lot like I feel now hahaha 🙂

Then I return to Indonesia and meet one of good friend from Sri lanka :Ram! hahha

He went to Indonesia and he kept on saying that Sri Lanka and indonesia has almost the same food 😛

P3080895 P3080964

and small reunion with this crazy junior high school friend (Why do I have to be surrounded with crazy people :answer, you can’t live without them! life will be dull :p)

Then the next step will be the Chinese New year? hahah I return again to Indonesia to meet my beloved family (especially for the hong pao for most indonesia-chinese must know this hahaha)


The best is the food (because of this I need to buy bigger suits for the other life-progress)

Then going back, saying bye-bye to family, return to Japan to prepare for graduation documentation by this beloved senior 🙂IMG_5905 IMG_5891 IMG_5951

Then right after the documentation, I am facing something big, scary, fun, exciting and also interesting:


just for you know, in Japan they have Job Hunting season, we have to wear same suit, be nice (basically remove our craziness to fit in with the society)


It is actually pretty crazy for some of you who think why should we remove our color and be the same with the other

Well the answer is that, this is part of their culture… although I don’t really like it but…


But anyway, one small advice from me during job hunting, the more you lose hope, the less company will choose you, be positive towards any failure! No CHAMPION give up ! 

(I say this to myself also!) If we don’t get any job here, so it’s actually Japan’s loss for not taking people that will support Japan’s Globalization and  we are planned for something even bigger 🙂

But don’t give up is the key!


Talk with your best-friends when you feel down and get the spirit back! Don’t just pray for Hope, Move and Grab hope by yourself!

That’s all the update from me! Sorry for the Loooonggg post :p! I’ll try to be more dedicated for this blog also ! :p


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