Motivational word for us! (Also me)

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Since I didn’t really post recently, I decided to make this simple motivational photo.


I know I am actually suck (pardon for the bad word) in motivating people, but whenever you’re down, because of other people, put it in your mind that


If you watched The Giver, they’re trying to get away from emmm, what do you call that? unity? same-ness? identicallity? (just putting any english that I had in  mind)

Anyway, they try to get away from it, and try to show that every people is different.

Some of us may be white, yellow (I guess me?), dark, or any other color (blue or even red maybe?)

Let us show our diversity!

Remember that those companies have to pay just for the diverse environment!(Then if we try to follow other’s expectation? you’ll fade your color and copy their color)

So everyone!

This is also actually lesson for myself, since I am really sensitive with other people’s badmouth or even their body-language(indirect culture, sadly, I was bornt in those culture).

STAND UP AND SHOW YOUR COLOR!自信を持って自分になりましょ!(Japanese word for: Jisin wo motte, jibun ni narimasyou, Be confident and be who you are!)


GOOD NIGHT (Here is 2 am Beppu time) and Thank you for reading my post (Sorry for the grammar mistake and if it’s not interesting! (told ya I hate writing:P))


Here’s the link where I got that quotation
“The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU”


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