Friendship til the end

Hei hei hei!


another long week without blogging!

It feel so good to blog again hahah :p


anyway, here is several shots i took today, on our way to a festival, which in the end became a weird and random photo shoot since the festival has ended the time we arrived.




for me, having money or fame is nothing compared with having closest and dearest friends…

These guys, we knew each other 3 years ago, when we couldn’t even speak japanese at all

Now we can speak japanese and we’re still be friend (and counting)


although the other class members are also our friends, but is kinda hard to contact since we have our own priority, but apparently our priority here is almost the same ” the same hen(tai)-tachi” (that’s how we become really good friends :p)


anyway, be grateful of your closest friend(s), they will be the most valuable things in your heart and memories…










cheers and have a good day as usual 😛 (thanks for reading)


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