Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Indonesian Community?

What is that long name all about?


Easily speaking it’s the Indonesian Community in APU here 🙂

As nobody know about it, I am actually the core member for the IT division for the whole 2 years (WOW)

But this is my first time posting my photo from the trip to kumamoto today with the Indonesian Community!


It was really fun though it was really exhausting :p

IMG_0850 IMG_0865 IMG_0966 IMG_0968 IMG_0974 IMG_1014 IMG_1019 IMG_1033 IMG_1052 IMG_1054 IMG_1059-2 IMG_1080


Those are all about the other people

then about the random stuff? (easily speaking, I always took random stuff though :p)



Nice editing right? hahah


Then the other :










Finally Selfie? hahah It’s really important :p




That’s all from me guys! hahaha have an enjoyable QB everyone 😀

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