New Year, New Experience?

Hello everyone!!!

Here your amateur, beloved photographer from Beppu, small city here!!

It’s been a long time since i did my last post~

This time will be about my travel to Tokyo!

So much fun, just so sad that it was really short

Meiji Jingu


It was freakin crowded, we couldn’t even get in —IMG_7805

IMG_7803Then also greatness of Shibuya in Japan ><




The fun thing is the Aquarium! Hakkeijima Underwater Museum?

IMG_7857 IMG_7846 IMG_7845

After that Aquarium, we went to the MAJESTIC, Chinatown in JAPAN, so interesting huh? It is!

IMG_7917 IMG_7918 IMG_7929


The other thing will be the random shopping district area and also the random visit to  “Sky Tree”

Although in the end we couldn’t get in since it’s also too crowded

Random Places In front of the Sky Tree


Random Shopping District

IMG_8114Until in the end we visit the great Odaiba ><

Sorry not so many photos there


Where we visited the trick art museum, here is the last, picture of me there! 😛 (sorry for being narcism last)

IMG_8085 IMG_8102

So , hope you guys also enjoy your holiday!! have “fun” in school -_-b


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