Lesson from the Snow

The snow, so fragile, so tiny and so WHITE…

In photography, I really don’t like scenery with white colour, for me it seems so plain, cold and dull sometimes…

But I got my perspective wrong now..

Sometimes, white and plain photos are also nice…

IMG_7391IMG_7484 IMG_7488

So white, although still so cold, it is also so soothing and relaxing,

The next thing is with some changes in the camera’s white balance, that cold feeling of the snow will become warm and calming, like this


See, it become a different photo with slight change in the white balance

The other thing is that using the time, to give the photo even a better warming sensation,

Using the time when the sun will look really gold-is yellow and shine really bright and warm

IMG_7559 IMG_7566 IMG_7576 IMG_7531

That’s the lesson i learnt from the snow regarding photography,

One more lesson is that,

No matter how hard the situation is, you can still survive and grow in that harsh situation, just like this photo:


So in this photo will be “

No matter how cold and how tough the environment for that plant to grow, it can still grow and survive within that environment

So, that’ll all for today, have a nice day and ENJOY HOLIDAY 😀


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